Many thanks for mailing Al with your reactions to the Granary book.


Rich 'Bowels' Lanham

Hi Al, I just had to get in touch to say what an absolutely brilliant book !!! I asked my wife for it (the book) for Crimble and on the morning the whole family lost me to The Granary Club book. Somany memories!! It was a special place, in a special time with really special people who should be saluted. Now with the book you all are. There are some photos of me with Originn and MacArthur Park I had forgotten about and also incidents and anecdotes that made me rock with laughter….a brilliant book, I hope it sells and sells.Rich Lanham (Bowels)

Dear Al, Just a quick mail to say well done on a brilliant book!! It brought back a lot of memories especially the back steps and Elkie Brookes! 
Mike Wilband (BIRTH)
Just thought I’d drop you a line to offer congratulations on the book.I know you have been working hard on this project for years and it is great to see this come to fruition. All the best Dave Burridge DJ - Phuct @ Bristol Bierkeller
What a wonderful book! It sent me scurrying for old diaries to recall dates of visits to The Granary. Many memories of chatting to Al and Glenn, buying them drinks, and not forgetting some memorable gigs, such as Jenny Haan’s Lion, Radio Stars, Quartz (4 times), Nutz (twice), The Vibrators, Brent Ford & The Nylons, The Pirates, Rich Kids, Tony McPhee, Crawler, Strife, Wild Horses, Sassafrass, Eric Bell, Little Acre, Ginger Baker, Nine Below Zero, and a good few rock disco nights as well! Stunning,stunning book - a big “well done” to all concerned. Philip Davidge
Loose Change

Loose Change

While going around watching live bands recently and talking to some musicians I mentioned Loose Change and they told me about the book.  I couldn’t wait to see the book just to see the band’s name in there, it was one of my highlight gigs to go down there and play.  It’s very special seeing all the other bands that we knew going through there at the time as well as not to be forgotten.  To have your name and picture in the book is such an incentive and a boost to encourage me to start up again, even though I was going to anyway. I think it’s fantastic that all these musicians and that the Granary have been remembered.  I just can’t get over it, people keep coming in asking to see the book.  (All I need to do now is learn to drum before people find me out!) hee, hee! Thanks and regards, Geoff Hillyard (Loose Change)

I just received the best Christmas present ever! My old mate (and drummer) Nick Baskerville presented me with THE book and instantly transported me back to ‘74. Happy Days. Especially chuffed with Paul Hardiman’s kind comments on page 147. Please pass on my thanks to him. Thanks for all the hard work.
Andy Skirrow (Mantiss, Eddie Riff, Jeeps) and still rocking after a fashion!
Thank you so much for the book that arrived today. I found it abso lutely riveting, and I am glad that I could be of assistance. 
Rob Grain pp Samson
Thanks Al. Its a great book and one recommended to me by John Van Gowler (my son’s guitar tutor) who played at the Granary. Still have a copy of a Talking Heads record you gave away in one of your Radio prize packs!! Memories eh?  Duncan Spokes
Sue and friends in their Granary gear.
Just wanted to make contact and congratulate you on the wonderful collection of memories in The Granary book. There is so much evocative information and such hard work has gone into it, I’m sure. I’ve worked in book production for many years so I know the pressures and deadlines you must have been under, but what a worthwhile achievement - well done. Jill, Jane and myself were only 15 or 16 (naughty!) when we started going there and expected every club to be like that, but of course we never found one that matched the atmosphere of The Granary! With all the wonderful ‘groups’ playing each week, our biggest dilemma was whether to wear Hot Pants, a mini skirt or midi or full length. (If we were wearing mini’s we walked to the left up those stairs!) Once again, congratulations on a smashing book which I’m sure a lot of people from those early years will be chuffed to bits to find in their Xmas stockings this year! All best wishes Sue x x x