BOOK Gallery

The Granary book contains around 250 photographs, illustrations and visuals.  

Here are just a few, for more buy the book!


bookpage2Book pages showing gig with Judas Priest supporting Supertramp and one with gigs by Generation X, Iron Maiden and good ole Stan Arnold.





A selection of the book’s graphics showing a monthly handout with the first Bristol appearance of Dire Straits in the same month as an appearance by Johnny Cougar, Ed Newsom’s Mother’s of Invention album which they autographed at a after gig party with Plastic Dog, a Granary history card, an Andy Fox Granary handout, a Rodney Matthews cartoon of Thin Lizzy from his design for their ‘New Day’ EP and an Evening Post advertisement which renamed Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts as Dumpy’s Rusty Nits!